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Faculty Senate

Article I: Definition of the Faculty

1. The University Faculty. The University faculty shall consist of two groups: the voting faculty and the non-voting faculty.

1.1 The Voting Faculty. The voting faculty shall consist of all those who are appointed to one of the four academic ranks-instructor, assistant professor, associate professor, or full professor-and who hold a probationary or tenured appointment.

1.2 The Non-Voting Faculty. The non-voting faculty shall consist of those who hold part-time or full-time temporary appointments--lecturers, adjuncts, visiting professors, other such designations--that involve teaching and/or research responsibilities directly related to the academic programs of the University. It shall include emeritus faculty and, in addition, all those persons whose original appointments both carry faculty status and pre-date the adoption of this Constitution.

1.3. Jurisdiction of the Voting Faculty: Limitation of Voting. Privilege of motion, second. and debate shall be afforded to all members of the faculty during faculty meetings. Voting shall be restricted to members of the voting faculty.

1.4. The Faculty Senate may, as it deems appropriate, admit individuals to the voting faculty or to the nonvoting faculty on a permanent or ad hoc basis. Individuals who believe that their university responsibilities justify their being members of the voting or of the non-voting faculty may apply, in writing. to the Faculty Senate for consideration. Voting faculty or non-voting faculty status granted by the Faculty Senate shall be for such term as the Faculty Senate specifies, but in all cases will be retained by the individual only as long as he/she remains in his/her position.

2. The Word "Faculty" in this Constitution. When the word "faculty" is used in this Constitution without a modifying adjective preceding it, reference to the University faculty shall be assumed.

3. The definitions of the University in this Constitution apply to the conduct of the official business of the University faculty and do not prohibit the granting of privileges normally associated with faculty status, such as social privileges, to other members of the University administration and staff.

4. Official Roster of the Faculty. As soon as practical in the fall semester but no later than October 1 and in the spring semester no later than February 1, the chairperson of the faculty shall arrange for the availability of an official roster of the faculty. The chairperson of the faculty shall have the authority to decide boundary cases of faculty status according to the spirit of the foregoing sections, subject to challenge and review as provided below. The fall roster shall include a listing of those persons who are qualified for membership in voting faculty and those qualified for membership in the non-voting faculty. The spring roster shall consist of a list of additions to the fall roster. Qualification for faculty status for the entire academic year shall be established by a person's assignment during either the fall or the spring semester of that year. Faculty status established during an academic year shall be construed to apply also to the following summer session, unless the person does not continue his/her appointment with the University.

4.1 Distribution. A sufficient number of copies of the roster for the fall and spring shall be prepared to supply each of the following committees, persons, and offices: the Committee on Committees; the chairperson of the faculty; the vice-chairperson of the faculty ; the secretary of the faculty; the Office of Academic Affairs; all college offices; all departmental offices. Each college office and each departmental office shall, for a period of one week after the roster's issuance, prominently display the roster in a place readily accessible to the faculty. In addition, a copy of the current semester's roster shall be made available to any faculty member upon written request to the secretary of the faculty.

4.2 Challenges of the Roster. Challenges of the accuracy or the propriety of the listings in any semester's roster shall be directed to the University Faculty Senate within 15 class days after distribution for adjudication by majority vote.

4.3 Appeal and Final Disposition of Challenge. The Senate's decision (see section 4.2. above) may be appealed to a majority vote of the University faculty whose decision shall be final.