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Faculty Senate

Article IV: Jurisdiction

1. Powers of the Board of Regents. It is recognized that nothing in this article, or in this Constitution, can take precedence over the laws of Iowa or the statutory powers of the Board of Regents to set policies and to promulgate rules and regulations governing the institutions, including the University of Northern Iowa, that are under its control.

2. General Principles. The faculty has the right to be adequately informed about and to participate jointly with the related components of the University in the determination of policy touching all the phases of the University's operations. The faculty may formulate and recommend policies to the President of the University on all subjects of University concern. The faculty shall play a central role in all decisions regarding educational policy and curriculum. The faculty functions through consultation and review in personnel decisions that can modify the faculty's professional identity, professional quality, and working environment (subject to any restrictions imposed by Chapter 20 of the Code and any collective bargaining agreements). The faculty's more general concern with the total program of the University is expressed in the form of recommendations and advice to the related components of the University.

3. The University Faculty: Jurisdiction. In accordance with Sections 1 and 2 above, the University faculty shall play a central role in formation and adoption of educational policy and may adopt recommendations and resolutions on any matter touching on the general welfare of the University.  Subject to the limits provided in Section 1, above, the University faculty assume the major role in decisions related to 1) curricular matters which do not lie wholly within the jurisdiction of one college,  2) standards for granting of academic degrees and academic credit, and 3) educational policies not confined to one college.  It shall participate in the nomination and review of academic administrators.  It shall act on such other matters as may be submitted to it for decision by an officer of administration or by an officially designated representative of student government.”