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Faculty Senate

EPC recommendation to accept petition (1082/980) by Russ Campbell to change the mid-semester designation for the spring semester to after the 8th week of class

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In Faculty Senate Calendar Item 1082, Russ Campbell petitioned to have the mid-semester designation changed from the end of the 7th week to the end of the 8th week in the spring semester.  Currently, mid-semester occurs after the 8th week in the fall semester and after the 7th week in the spring semester.  If one considers the use finals weeks, half semester courses in the fall have approximately an equal number of  instructional days.  However, half semester courses in the spring are much more unbalanced, with the first half having 7 weeks and the second half essentially having 9 weeks.  The EPC consulted with the Registrar, who investigated the potenial problem related to the required number of instructional minutes found that this should not be an issue if the change occurred.  The only major change is a logistical one for the Registrar's Office, who will need to take the revised calendars to the Board of Regents for approval. The Registrar has indicated no objection to the proposed change in mid-semester designation. Additinally, the EPC considered the issue of whether or not this proposed change would impact spring break.  It does not.  Currently. for the spring semester there are 2 weeks between the end of the 7th week of classes and spring break.  Moving the mid-semester designation to the end of the 8th week reduces this to one week, but this shouldn't interfere with grade submissions for 1st half spring semester courses.


Therefore, be it resolved that the Faculty Senate request that the Registrar change the spring semester mid-term designation from the end of the 7th week to the end of the 8th week.

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Nov 28, 2011