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Faculty Senate

EPC Recommendation regarding changes to the Attendance and Make-Up Work policy

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As requested by the Faculty Senate, the Educational Policy Commission reviewed the Class Attendance and Make-Up Work policy.  We have completed our review and have recommended a few changes to the policy.


Therefore, be it resolved, that the Faculty Senate discuss, and either approve or reject, the recommendations made by the EPC regarding the Attendance and Make-Up Work policy.

Policy Recommendation passed by the Senate 2/18/13 & 3/11/13

At its meeting on March 11, 2013, the Senate moved to amend the language in section A.1. of the above policy proposal by substituting the following language, from the previous version of the policy:

Faculty members who choose to have policies related to attendance and make-up work must distribute those policies on the first day of class. While it is strongly recommended that all faculty members have written policies regarding attendance and make-up work, these policies are not required. However, when such policies are not provided in writing at the start of the class, it is understood that there will be no grade-related penalties due to absences, missed exams, missed assignments or other activities or assignments which would otherwise have an impact on a student’s grade, regardless of the cause of those events.

That motion failed, and the document attached is the final policy recommendation the Senate made and forwarded to the Policy Review Committee.

Final Action Taken: 
Chair Peters notified University Counsel 2/19/13; Chair Peters notified U. Counsel of decision not to change Section A, 3/11/13
Meeting Date: 
Mar 11, 2013