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Faculty Senate

Expedited Review of Program Changes for the Elementary Education and Middle Level Education Majors

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the Iowa State Board of Educational Examiners has approved a new set of requirements for teaching licensure in Elementary Education that will apply to anyone seeking licensure after Sept. 1, 2015;

students entering as freshman in the Fall 2011 semester need to enter into an elementary education program that meet the new requirement or have little to no flexibility in their completion date for licensure purposes;

the Iowa State Board of Educational Examiners has found the current program does not meet current licensure requirements in full, and requires changes in our current program that also affect our middle level education program;

UNI needs to submit revised elementary and middle level education programs to the Iowa State Board of Educational Examiners as soon as possible in order to maintain our ability to recommend students completing these programs for licensure.



Therefore, be it resolved that the University of Northern Iowa Senate:

a) review the proposed curriculum changes in the elementary education and middle level education majors and the recommendations of the University Curriculum Committee regarding these proposed changes as soon as possible following following the conclusion of an expedited review by the University Curriculum Committe;  and,

b) make its final recommendations for approval or disapproval of these changes to the Iowa State Board of Regents no later than the Senate's regularly scheduled meeting on April 25th, 2011.

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Expedited Review
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Apr 11, 2011