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Faculty Senate

LAC Review Procedures for 2012-2013

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The Faculty Senate approved the Liberal Arts Core Committee request to suspend LAC Category Reviews for the current 11-12 academic year. As such, this petition, submitted by the LAC Director on behalf ot he LACC, and in accordance with the goals of the HLC Assessment Academy project,  is to request that next year all LAC categories be expected to submit meaningful and measurable category level outcomes (by the end of fall 2012) as well as a manageable assessment plan (by the end of spring 2013). The LAC Director would like to do a short presentation before the Senate to explain how the process will work.


Therefore, be it resolved that in order to further the development and implementation of a meaningful, measurable and manageable comprehensive assessment plan for UNI's LAC,  the Faculty Senate approve the LACC request to devote fall 2012 and spring 2013 to the development of category level outcomes and assessment plans.

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No further action necessary.
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Apr 23, 2012