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Motion to change the charge and membership of the Faculty Senate Budget Committee

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Whereas, the University of Northern Iowa is facing difficult budget constraints that have long-term implications for the University’s core mission and priorities; and

Whereas the faculty of UNI seek a more active role in setting the University’s academic priorities; and

Whereas the Senate’s decisions about curricular and academic priorities could be improved if it had better information about the competing demands on the university’s resources and priorities; and

Whereas President Allen has indicated to several members of this body his willingness to meet regularly with faculty to get input on budget priorities,


Therefore be it resolved that:

(1) The Faculty Senate Budget Committee shall represent faculty interests in the UNI budgeting process by consulting with the administration about the University’s budget and finances and providing the Senate with information about said subjects.

a)     The committee shall have access to all information necessary to carry out its charge.

b)    The committee shall meet regularly with the President or his or her designee to discuss budget goals, priorities and challenges.

c)     The committee shall provide information to the Senate as requested and shall take up motions referred to it by the Senate. It may at any time, as it deems appropriate, report to the Senate regarding its work.

d)    It shall issue a report to the Senate no later than March 15 of each academic year that provides its assessment of UNI’s budget priorities and how they affect academic programs. The report shall also assess the administration’s openness to faculty input on these matters.

  1. This report together with any recommendations approved by the
    University Faculty Senate will be forwarded to the UNI Provost,
    President, and Cabinet.
  2. The UNI president will be requested to provide the University
    Faculty Senate with a response to the report and recommendations no
    later than the end of UNI’s fiscal year to allow the Budget Committee
    the opportunity to incorporate suggestions and responses for those UNI
    components in the next academic year’s deliberations.


2) The Faculty Senate Budget Committee shall consist of two representatives appointed by the senate of the College of Humanities, Arts, and Sciences, one representative appointed by the senate of each of the other colleges, a representative from the library, and one representative elected by the University Faculty Senate, who shall chair the committee. Members shall serve staggered three year terms.

4_23_12 revised budget committee language
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No further action necessary.
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Apr 23, 2012