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Faculty Senate

Motion to support language on shared governance in Master Agreement

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Whereas, shared governance is vital to a healthy university;

and, Whereas, the University Faculty Senate is the principal representative agency of the faculty;

and Whereas, United Faculty has proposed that the following language be inserted into the Master Agreement:

Section 1.2 Shared Governance:

The Iowa Board of Regents and United Faculty recognize the unique roles and responsibilities of the University of Northern Iowa Faculty Senate. We recognize that Faculty Senate consultation in the decision-making process regarding educational policy and curriculum, standards for granting of academic degrees and academic credit, personnel decisions that can modify the faculty's professional identity, professional quality, working environment, budgets, programs, and methods of teaching is important. The parties recognize the necessity of a collegial governance system for faculty in matters of academic concern. It is mutually desirable that the collegial system of shared governance be maintained and strengthened so that faculty shall have a mechanism and procedure, independent of the collective bargaining process, for making recommendations to appropriate administrators and for resolving academic matters of concern to the faculty. 



Section 2.0 Address the Board
United Faculty shall have the right to address a regular meeting of the Board for at least ten (10) minutes at least twice per year. Any additional requests shall be granted if three (3) days notice is given unless a majority of the Board in a public vote denies the request for specific reasons publicly stated. 


Therefore, be it resolved that the University Faculty Senate support the inclusion of proposed Section 1.2 and proposed Section 2.0 in the Master Agreement.

Final Action Taken: 
Chair Peters notified UF and Board/administration via email 11/26/2012
Meeting Date: 
Nov 26, 2012