Policy 10.08 change proposal

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The Educational Policies Commission has proposed changes to Policy 10.08, which pertains to intellectual property rights regarding online course development.


The University Faculty Senate approves the changes to Policy 10.08 proposed by the Educational Policies Commission.

Proposed changes clarify faculty ownership of online courses they have developed under various circumstances.  Especially, the policy includes temporary clarifications established by the Provost last summer, as well as a 2-year "right of first refusal" for faculty who develop courses commissioned by the Office of Online and Distance Education, including payment of a per-unit stipend.  The 2-year right of first refusal clause was worked-out as a compromise between the EPC and Kent Johnson, Dean of the Office of Online and Distance Education.

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Policy changes approved
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Apr 26, 2021
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Monday, April 26, 2021