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Faculty Senate

Proposed Changes to Policy #3.06: Class Attendance and Make-Up Work

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The Educational Policy Commission (EPC) was asked to review and revise the University's policy regarding class attendance and make-up work in order to comply with requirements regarding the treatment of pregnant and parenting students.  These requirements were communicated to the University by a "Dear Colleague" letter, dated June 25th, 2013, from the United States Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights.  The EPC has completed its review and is proposing revisions to University policy #3.06:  Class Attendance and Make-Up Work. 


Therefore, be it resolved that the Faculty Senate discuss and vote on the proposed revisions to Policy #3.06

Proposed Policy: 3.06: Class Attendance and Make-Up Work

This is the recommended new policy, highlighting the revisions proposed by the EPC.

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Policy 3.06: Class Attendance and Make-Up Work, as approved by the Senate, 12-2-13
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Delivered to University Counsel Tim McKenna, 12-6-13
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Dec 02, 2013