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Faculty Senate

Recommendations of Ad hoc Committee on Curriculum Review

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The Ad hoc Committee on Curriculum Review was charged by the Chair of the Senate:

To review our curriculum policies, curriculum handbook and standard curriculum review practices and recommend changes that will: 1) assure faculty control over the curriculum; and, 2) enable faculty bodies to actively monitor and manage curriculum and academic programs.

The committee has reached agreement on a framework of recommendations and is consulting with faculty governance bodies. 


Therefore, be it resolved that the Senate discuss the committee's recommendations in a committee of the whole.

APRIL 29, 2013 Meeting:

Therefore, be it resolved that the Senate accept the committee's report. Be it further resolved that the Senate begin the process of implementing recommendations 1-3; and, that the Senate recommend changes to University Policy 2.04 Curriculum Changes in accordance with recommendation 4. 

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Proposal as of April 25
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Proposed changes to Policy 2.04 Curriculum Changes
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Chair Peters emailed University Counsel Tim McKenna April 30, 2013
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Apr 29, 2013