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Faculty Senate

Recommendations to change make-up and attendance policy

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Recently, a student filed a grievance under the student grievance policy claiming to have been denied the opportunity to make-up an exam due to National Guard service. Under Policy 3.06, military service is listed as one of several reasonable excuses that professors may consider in deciding whether to allow make-up work. 

The professor in the case has a policy in place whereby all student may drop a certain number of exam grades for any reason. 

NISG has recommended new language about make-up work for military service. 

The Educational Policies Commission will meet on October 29 to discuss whether our policies should be changed.


Therefore, be it resolved that the Senate receive the resolution of NISG and any recommendations of the EPC, and discuss the need for changes to Policy 3.06

Final Action Taken: 
EPC report submitted as 1174/1070
Meeting Date: 
Nov 05, 2012