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Regents Awards

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According to the Regent Award Procedures, after the Awards committee selects the winners, the Faculty Senate is to be notified and endorse the Awards Committee recommendations:  (see procedures listed below.  The link to be the procedures is:

  1. After review of the materials, the Awards Committee will identify those individuals to receive awards. The list will be forwarded to the Faculty Senate.

  2. The Faculty Senate shall receive and endorse the Awards Committee recommendations and forward the names of the selected candidates to the Executive Vice President and Provost who will notify both the recipients and the Board of Regents.

  3. The selected candidates will then be affirmed by the Board of Regents.

The committee met  and selected four Regents Award winners:

A portion be handled in executive session in order to protect the confidentiality of the nominees.


Receive and endorse the recommendations of the awards committee and forward same to the Provost.

Final Action Taken: 
Pat Woelber notified via email 03/29/2012
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Mar 26, 2012