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Faculty Senate



The University of Northern Iowa is a complex organization composed of interrelated components.

The University was established by the people of the State of Iowa to serve the educational needs of its citizens and it is largely sustained by them. The people's delegates, the General Assembly, and the Governor define the scope of the University's operation and fix the level of its support. The Board of Regents, acting in turn as their delegates, establishes basic policies and sets overall goals.

Within itself, the University is likewise divided into distinct parts, to each of which is delegated a particular function in achieving the primary ends of the University which are: the discovery and the dissemination of knowledge through teaching, research, and service.

The University's students are its very reason for being. Forwarding their progress toward the attainment of critical intelligence, moral sensitivity, and aesthetic awareness must be at the center of the University's many and varied activities. The faculty's work is to guide the students toward their educational goals through teaching and research. The nonacademic staff provides the services and the material conditions which make that work possible. The administrative offices oversee the whole operation and also conduct the University's relations with the Board of Regents, the General Assembly, the Governor, and the people of Iowa.

The faculty of the University of Northern Iowa believes that the institution best fulfills its purposes when its several components-students, faculty, staff, and administration-act in harmony and cooperation to achieve the common goals of the educational community in which they live.

The faculty further believes that this cooperative endeavor is most likely to succeed when each component understands its proper and distinctive functions and at the same time views these functions as shared and interdependent.

With these principles in mind, the faculty of the University of Northern Iowa, seeking to define itself more accurately, to outline its rights and responsibilities more precisely, and to describe its functions more exactly, hereby establishes and ordains this Constitution.