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Faculty Senate

Table of Contents

Article I: Definition of the Faculty

Section 1. The University Faculty

1.1 The Voting Faculty

1.2 The Non-Voting Faculty

1.3 Jurisdiction of Voting Faculty

1.4 Faculty Senate Role

Section 2. The Word "Faculty in this Constitution.

Section 3. Social Privileges of a Faculty Member

Section 4. Official Roster of the Faculty

4.1 Distribution

4.2 Challenges of the Roster

4.3 Appeal and Final Disposition of Challenge


Article II: Officers and Duties - page 2

Section 1. Chairperson of the Faculty

1.1 Election

1.2 Term

1.3 Duties

1.4 Absence of Incapacity of the Chairperson of the Faculty

Section 2. Vice-Chairperson of the Faculty

Section 3. Secretary of the Faculty

3.1 Term

3.2 Duties

Article III. Meetings

Section 1. Regular Meetings

Section 2. Special Meetings

2.1 By Petition

2.2 Called by Senate

2.3 Requested by the President or Vice-President and Provost

Section 3. Notice of Meetings

Section 4. Regular Meetings: Reserved Times

Section 5. Meetings: Times and Places

Section 6. Parliamentary Guide

6.1 Appointment of Parliamentarian

6.2 New Business and Deferred Final Action

6.3 Specially Privileged Motion to Adjourn

6.4 Quorum: Regular Meetings

6.5 Quorum: Special Meetings

Section 7. Meetings Open to the Public


Article IV: Jurisdiction

Section 1. Powers of the Board of Regents

Section 2. General Principles

Section 3. The university Faculty: Jurisdiction

Article V: Delegation of Functions

Section 1. The Delegation Principle

Section 2. Delegation of Functions to Faculties of Colleges

Section 3. Delegation of Functions to the University Faculty Senate

3.1 Senate Membership

3.2 Terms

3.3 Prolonged Absence or Incapacity of a Senator

3.4 Representation of the Voting Faculty: Limitation on Voting

3.5 Senate Organization

3.6 Information and Communication

3.7 Senate Focus on the University as a Whole

3.8 Faculty Review of Senate Action

3.9 Accountability of Faculty Committees to the Senate

3.10 Delegation of Senate Authority to Faculty Committees

3.11 Senate Consultation with Administrative Officers

3.12 Relation of Senate Meetings to Faculty Meetings

Section 4. Standing Committees of the Faculty

Section 5. Cooperative Action with Other Agencies


Article VI: Ratification, Amendment, and Review

Section 1. Ratification

Section 2. Amendment of the Bylaws and Standing Rules of the Faculty

Section 3. Amendment of this Constitution

Section 4. Interpretation and Construction

Section 5. Interpretation and Contest

Section 6. Appeal and Final Disposition