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Faculty Senate

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Curriculum Proposal

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Whereas the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences has submitted a package of curriculum proposals for Catalog Year 2016-2017, all of which are recorded on UNI Curriculum Online (Leapfrog); and whereas all of these proposals have been reviewed either by the University Curriculum Committee or by the Graduate College Curriculum Committee and the Graduate Council;


Therefore, be it resolved that the Senate has reviewed these proposals and has, with any exceptions noted herein, approved them.

Clarification for UCC and GCCC Minute documents

Proposals were discussed over several meetings thus the multiple sets of minutes. For your convenience, relevant College information is highlighted in yellow on minutes from 9-16 and 9-23 (UCC) and 9-23 (GCCC).

Meeting Date: 
Nov 09, 2015
Final Action Taken Date: 
Friday, October 9, 2015