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Faculty Senate

Consultation regarding Faculty Activity Reporting

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The three Regent institutions are required to report on faculty activities including hours worked per week bi-annually.  The current form used for reporting data does not provide meaningful information that would help Regents, legislators and the public understand faculty work.  Myths and misperceptions about faculty work and workload are rampant and often form the basis of criticisms of tenure, PDAs, and other support for faculty.  The associate provosts for faculty affairs at the three institutions have been working to develop a better reporting form which will provide information which will help University stakeholders understand and appreciate the complexity of faculty work and the amount of workload.  The next report will be due in August 2013 and will be based on data collected in fall 2012 and spring 2013.  The associate provosts are each seeking input from their respective faculty senates on the proposed data collection form with a goal of launching a small scale pilot to test the data collection form on each campus in spring 2012.  In addition, a protocol for collecting and evaluating data which will be common to the three institutions is also being developed and I would like to share this plan with the Senate.


Therefore, be it resolved that the Senate will receive a report on faculty activity reporting from the associate provost for faculty affairs and will provide feedback on the proposed data collection form.

Current Faculty Activity Report Data Collection form

The attached form is the current one being used to collect data.  It's inadequacies will be discussed.

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Proposed Faculty Activity Report Data Collection form
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A redesigned form on which Senate feedback is requested.

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August 2011 Faculty Activity Report
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Report to Board to provide Senate members with context regarding current report form.

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Dec 12, 2011