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Curriculum changes--Women's & Gender Studies Program

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The Women & Gender Studies Program (WGS) was required to restructure last year. Until the program restuctures, it cannot admit new students. The changes to the MA program have been approved by the CSBS and CHAS Senates and will be reviewed by the Grad Council on Jan. 24. Director of WGS, Barbara Cutter, asks that the University Faculty Senate review the program changes as expeditiously as possible.


Therefore, be it resolved that, pending approval of the Grad Council, the Senate approve the WGS curriculum changes. 

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NOTE: At after the Senate had approved the restatement of the MA in Women's and Gender Studies at its Feb 18, 2013 meeting, further consultation between WGS and HPELS resulted in the "Women's Health" track being renamed " Gender and Wellness." After email approval by the CHAS and CSBS Senates, the GCCC and the Grad Council, the Senate approved the restatement with the name change at its Feb 25, 2013 meeting.

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On March 2013 Board of Regents agenda,
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Feb 25, 2013