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Faculty Senate

Improving faculty participation in University planning and budgeting process

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Whereas, norms of shared governance, including the AAUP1966 statement on shared governance, indicate that the faculty should play a role in discussions of short-term and long-term planning and budgeting;

and, whereas, the faculty at the Unviersity of Northern Iowa currently has no formal mechanism for such routine, ongoing participation in UNI's planning and budgeting decisions;

and, whereas, such a mechanism could help to improve communication, information sharing and transparency in decision making on campus. 


Therefore, be it resolved that the UNI Faculty Senate recommends that incoming President Ruud adopt a budget model that incorporates meaningful faculty participation, consistent with the attached document. 

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Final Action Taken: 
Chair Peters emailed President Ruud, Apr 9, 2013
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Apr 08, 2013