New policy on the Faculty Handbook (withdrawn)

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Although the University has maintained a Faculty Handbook since 2017, when Chapter 20 of the Iowa Code was revised to limit mandatory collective bargaining only to base wages, the practice has never been institutionalized in policy. The proposed policy bridges that gap. It was developed in consultation with the Provost, Associate Provost for Faculty John Vallentine, and United Faculty President Becky Hawbaker. It provides for a Faculty Handbook that governs the rights and responsibilities of faculty and specifically avoids overlapping Faculty Handbook provisions, in order to prevent future potential contradiction between the two documents.

NOTE: This petition was withdrawn by its author, as the policy will originate in the Provost's Office and therefore does not require a consultation or vote of the Faculty Senate.

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The petition is withdrawn, so no senate action will be required.

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Apr 12, 2021
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Wednesday, April 21, 2021