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Faculty Senate

Richard O. Jacobson Center for Comprehensive Literacy: Two (2) Certificate Proposals

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The Jacobson Center offers a 21-hour credit preparation program in Partnerships in Comprehensive Literacy Coach and an 18-hour credit preparation program in Reading Recovery Teacher Leader.

Neither of the programs confer a degree or include a certificate.  We believe these should be certificate-bearing programs to recognize the expertise developed by participants during their matriculation through this sequence of courses. 


Therfore, be it resolved that the University of Northern Iowa Faculty Senate approve the curriculum certificate proposals for Reading Recovery Teacher Leader and Partnerships in Comprehensive Literacy Coach.

Reading Recovery Teacher Leader Certificate Proposal

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The Richard O. Jacobson Center for Comprehensive Literacy proposes two new certificate programs:

  • Reading Recovery Teacher Leader Certificate
  • Partnerships in Comprehensive Literacy Coach Certificate 

As a new Regents Center, we have been working since January 2012 to create these certificate proposals for our students (doctoral level, non-degree status); consequently, this timeline has caused the proposals to be “off” the regular curriculum review cycle and in process prior to the Leepfrog Course Leaf system.  Revisions, based on the suggestions of the COE Senate, Graduate College Curriculum Committee, and Graduate Council have all been made. Thus, we are now bringing these two certificate proposals to the Faculty Senate for your attention.

The Jacobson Center for Comprehensive Literacy is requesting that these proposals be reviewed in an expedited manner, as we currently have our first cohort of thirty students enrolled in the Partnerships in Comprehensive Literacy preparation program nearing completion of their course of study.  We wish to award them a certificate on May 8, 2013.

Final Action Taken: 
Chair Peters emailed Coleen Wagner and Diane Wallace, 3-11-13
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Mar 11, 2013